by Dino Bravo





released October 9, 2011



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Track Name: Kevin Nash vs. The Definition of Adjective
I say any day now
Jake and I are going to bring you down
Coming at you from the top rope
In this ring you won’t best us

In this tag team division
You can’t beat our position
Were going to use some submissions
Cross-face and a Boston Crab

I feel remorse
For those who cross
Our fated path
You won’t get nothing but the taste of defeat
Track Name: 24/7 Hardcore Title Defense
I can see that any day is the day that I got your number
Anyone who doesn’t want tattered gold, take this time now to run for cover
I’m filled with speed and purpose, I know you got something I want
I know they say what I seek is not fucking worth it

I want it now, going to take right from you
You’re holding on but it’s 24-7

I feel that any day is the day that they come for me
I see them looking at me, like fresh killed piece of meat
They move without a plan now, I know I got something you want
I know they move, but they can’t take this from me

I got it now, one is going to take it from me
You got it back but it’s 24-7

You took what’s mine but just wait I will take it back
I train day and night and pretty soon I’ll have my title back
I gave so much more than you
In my rematch there won’t be a thing you can do
Track Name: Bruno Sammartino's Title Reigns
If you words can’t break my stride, then I know I’m not falling behind
If your face can’t take my sight, then I guess I’m not going blind
It took forever to get to where I wanted to be
If your love can’t break my heart then I know, I’m not going to die

And if I ever am alone
And if I ever am alone
Your false embrace I won’t call home

Try to say my words are weak, you’re wrong, you’re not listening
You assess my hope as meek, why oh why do you underestimate me?
If you have nothing to say, why do you caring on?
If your love can’t break my heart then I know, I’m not going to die

And if I ever am alone
And if I ever am alone
Your false embrace I won’t call home

Don’t follow me now, you already said no
Why would you imagine that I’d stay, when you asked me to go?
Your minds a puzzle now, you don’t know what you want
Can’t be with you now, I’ve already seen it

You walk, you walked so far, you ran out of road
You took so many steps, your shoes have no soul
Where do we go from here, answers that I just don’t have
Find your own way, and I’ll find mine
Track Name: Randy Savage Tribute
I’ve been reaping, reaping what you sow
I’ve keeping secrets from below
I’m still reaching, reaching for my gold
Now I wonder who’s going to take this gold?
I’m still seeking, who’s going to beat me now?
Oh yeah, dig it, oh yeah you hear what I say

I’ve around a time or two
Don’t misinterpret what I say
Hang on to my every word
I am your friend, on me you can depend

I’m still reaping, reaping what you sow
You’re still keeping, keeping what you stole
They’re still reaching, trying to take me down
Don’t wonder what you all are going to do now?
I’m still seeking, for a challenge to best me
Pomp and Circumstance, here comes the Macho Man

On me you depend
You can call on the Macho Man
I am your friend
Trite but true is the Macho Man

Randall Poffo is gone
But we know that his spirit lives on